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Making the Grade

We received Bryce's report card in mail yesterday. His overall GPA for the year was a 3.5. (It was obvious he was coasting the last quarter. Slacker.) Okay, he didn't really get a 3.5 but if they were handing out letter grades he would have.

He was graded in 10 categories and received 5 "Nearly Always" and 5 "Usually". (My favorite category is "Can control body during group time." I'm glad he got the sit still genes from Kristen because I still have trouble with this one. Can anyone say armpit farts and other audible body emissions?)

His favorite subject was cooking. (4 years old and they're teaching the little guy to cook. I love that school! I suggested to the school director they also include other life lessons in addition to the weekly cooking class like how to change a tire or give a good foot massage. I'm sure I would have the backing of the other parents.)

It doesn't actually say this on his report card, but I think his hardest challenge was "Plays and works well in a group." When the future ruler of a small planet requests something to be done a certain way, it better be done. Or else. But putting him with 20 other equally qualified planet rulers has actually taught him to be more flexible, and that there are other ways of doing things and playing games that are equally as fun. Maybe his planet will be ruled by a democracy instead of a dictatorship after all.