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Pluto, Meet Your Future

In a recent conversation with a friend and mentor about the constant frustration and sense of defeat John and I feel when dealing with the manifestation of Bryce's intensity, it was pointed out to me that perhaps I've been looking at this in the wrong way. You know, I need to put a positive spin on it, look at the bright side, see the forest for the trees and all that. She said to me, "I always think of it in terms of career counseling. How would these qualities translate into a successful life?"

"Well," I said, "He'll make a great mafia lord."

When I told John about the conversation later, he said, "or a journalist. He'd make a great journalist with the way he won't take no for an answer, can talk over anything, and can just basically WEAR YOU DOWN." But that still doesn't quite take all of his quirks into account, so I came up with a more accurate list.

Most Likely Career Paths for Bryce:

1.) Mad Scientist
2.) Dictator of a Developing Nation
3.) Eccentric Billionaire
4.) Ruler of a Small Planet