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Come on in, we just got our vacation pictures back!

You know the friends or relatives you hate to visit too soon after they get back from vacation because you will be forced to flip through a photo album of 7000 pictures, or suffer through a slideshow of overexposed, washed out, out of focus, heads cut off photos while wondering how to escape with your sanity?

We are those friends and relatives. And now that your here (and the door is locked), come on in and have a seat! It will take me just a minute to get set up. Something to drink while you’re waiting? Ok, we're set. Comfortable? Good.

I'm sure you know by now that we dumped the kids with Kristen's mom (thanks again MegaMa) and took our annual anniversary trip last weekend to Portland, Oregon. We had a blast, and crammed more into 3 days than a human body theoretically can withstand. We started day one with a drive down the coast. Unbelievably gorgeous. When you live in a flat landlocked state like we do, driving down the Pacific coast is a thrill like no other. We stopped in a couple of towns along the way, walked the beach, and ended up back in Portland for dinner later that evening.

Wait, where are you going?! I really won’t take much more of your time. Another beverage perhaps? I promise it will be worth it.

Day two was exploring all that Portland has to offer. We went to Market and I had a nice encounter with a displaced hurricane Katrina victim showing off his pets. We visited Chinatown, the Pearl district, the Japanese Gardens, and immersed ourselves in Portland food, fun and culture.

Day three we drove through wine country and stopped at several vineyards and wineries for a taste of Pinot nirvana, then visited the Columbia River Gorge and stopped at all the waterfalls along the way. Every aspect of our trip (except the final leg of our journey) was simply remarkable. The people were friendly, the sites were fantastic, and of course, my travel companion was stunning.

So without further ado, I give you my visual interpretation of our trip: Portland.

The slideshow will open in a new window. Find and click the play button and the slideshow will load and play. When the slideshow is over, you will see the gallery view which will allow you to view the photos individually. If you are on dialup, be patient.

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