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Wish You Were Here

Managing to keep a daily log when you wake up, shower, drive, see all the things in the pictures included here, drive some more, eat, drink, drive some more, return to the hotel and crash in exhaustion and wake up and start all over again has proven much more challenging than I expected. Plus, 0ur wireless connection is spotty at best. So between lack of time, lack of energy, and lack of reliable internet connectivity, all I can manage to pull together is a sampling of some of the results of our incessant driving. Trust me, this is only the tip of the iceberg. And we promise to divulge much more upon our return to the Fringe.

Until then, enjoy this postcard, Internet.

Oregon: They like their trees here.

And their vineyards.

Because vineyards result in this yummy magic.

But it's not all nature here. See? They have buildings in their cities, too.

Of course, they're surrounded by what? Trees. Always with the trees and the nature and the "good for the environment" - Oregonians think they're better than us? Well, they're totally right.