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The universe likes to mess with us.

Events that have occurred since Sunday that could have thwarted our efforts at having a stress-free vacation:

1.) Bryce came down with a sudden high fever on Sunday night. (It was gone by Monday.)

2.) We forgot to rent a car. (John remembered at the last minute, so we won't be hitchhiking along the Oregon coast tomorrow. You can all breathe a sigh of relief.)

3.) We didn't plan any activities and as a result I had a panic attack on Monday night, convinced that we would end up sitting in our hotel lobby looking confused and frustrated, or driving in circles in the hotel parking lot. (John plowed me with wine and printed maps and tour guides to give me the illusion that everything was under control.)

4.) John decided it was time to get a new vet. (We found one, he's great, and Truman's medication will be ready by the time we return.)

5.) Quinn came down with a sudden high fever last night, the night before we get on a plane to leave for five days. (It seems to be gone now, although he isn't eating and is walking around whispering to himself -but that's not necessarily a bad sign for him, you know.)

6.) It has been storming for a week, and we all know how people in this state react to bad weather. (Today it's sunny and clear, so I guess the airport will be open.)

The universe isn't so much out to get us as it is constantly saying "I'm just keeeeding!" a la Horatio Sanz.

Our hotel in Portland has wi-fi, and because I am dedicated (and have no life, apparently), I am lugging my laptop with me so as to document our undoubtedly thrilling long weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned for lots of pictures of wine and rocks.

For now, we have to get to the airport before something else potentially-stressful-but-at-the-last-minute-just-fine happens.

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