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A correction and an update

John pointed out that my Saturday Night Live knowledge, along with actually ALL of my knowledge since giving birth to Bryce almost five years ago, is severely compromised. I attributed the "I'm just keeeeeding" phrase to the wrong person. It does not belong to a Horatio Sanz character. It belongs to a Fred Armisen character. My apologies to ardent Fred Armisen fans. Hey, I had a few things on my mind when I wrote that last post. And right now my body thinks it's 1:00 in the morning despite the adamant claims by Portland residents that it is, in fact, only 11:00 p.m., which would cause small amounts of delirium for me anyway (plus I'm drunk and exhausted from hours of travel). So, this won't really be my most coherent post.

Pay no attention to the crazy delirious drunk lady! Look at these pictures instead!

But what does it mean?? It means John and Kristen made the fatal mistake of paying airport prices for watered down margaritas. As John put it, "'Top Shelf' means they took the cheap tequila off of the HIGHEST shelf in the bar."

Here was MY view from the plane - nice, huh? And these clouds aren't even as cotton-candy-fluffy as the ones we saw over Oregon as we descended.

Here was John's view. He never gets the window seats, thanks to me.

Our second leg of the flight was four hours. By the time he took this picture, he'd read every page of camera manual at least twice, had read Time Magazine cover to cover, and had just completed the airplane magazine, including all of the Soduku Puzzles and MENSA quizzes. I don't know how he would survive on an international flight.

Tomorrow, on John and Kristen's Vacation Without Kids: The Oregon Coast, Phone Call Check-Ins, and Whatever Else Comes to Kristen's No Longer Sleep-Deprived Mind.