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island stimuli (by John)

According to Mrs. Fortune, there is no better way to while away the time while breastfeeding than to think of what 3 audio, written, visual, and people diversions you would bring to a deserted island. When kristen was breasfeeding all I heard was "OWE! That hurts!" She tagged Chag and Chag tagged us. Some of these came easily, but others not so much.


1. Cool Hand Luke
All I ever hear is how tough Jack Bauer is from the show 24. Well, Cool Hand Luke would wipe his ass with Jack Bauer and Jack Bauer would thank him . Could Jack Bauer eat 50 hard boiled eggs? I don't think so. This was the first movie I ever purchased (back in the VHS vs. Beta days) and I shelled out $90 in 1982 dollars to own a copy. I watched it so many times that even my closest friends stopped coming over because it was all I ever had on the TV. "What we have here, is a failure to communicate."

2. The Usual Suspects. This movie sets the bar for the twisty whodunnit genre. The first time through you watch in awe as the story unfolds and are (at least I was) surprised at the end. The second and subsequent viewings allow you to watch for the all the subtle clues on how Bryan Singer misguides you with his slight of hand. Every scene, every cut, and all the dialogue is purposeful. A great movie that can be seen over and over. And no one fakes a gimp better than Kevin Spacey.

3. Reservoir dogs - Mr. Tarantino's directorial debut. No one was ready for what he brought to the screen. I love this movie. If you haven't seen it and are squeemish about blood (lots of blood) here is a 90 second version performed by bunnies. http://www.angryalien.com/0406/reservoirbuns.asp


1. The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street
Let it Bleed came in a very close second but it is just a little too polished. The glimmer twins at their best.

2. Lee Michaels, Lee Michaels
Recorded live in the studio. The only request I have is that I am allowed to have a set of drums so I can play along. Big bad blues.

3. Talking Heads, Popular Favorites 1976-1992/Sand In the Vaseline
Don't make fun of me because I am choosing a greatest hits compilation. David Byrne has skills. Anyone got a match?

Yeah, like I have time to read something other than the cooking directions off the frozen waffle box. This was the hardest list to compile because when I do read for pleasure, it's usually non-fiction or science fiction. I let Kristen read the heady stuff and just tell me what the author was saying.
1. Thirty Seconds over Tokyo, Capt. Ted Lawson
A first hand account of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. This was the first real book I ever read. My third grade teacher gave us a book report assignment and we were allowed to pick any book from the school library. After nosing around I chose this one because it had a really cool cover, and the inside flap said Capt Lawson lost his leg in the raid. How freaking cool is that to an 8 year old? I couldn't put it down once I got started. I'm sure it was nothing but WWII propaganda, but the description of him being in the gunnery window shooting at the zeros that were buzzing around him was riveting. I think I got a B on my report because I spent a little too much time talking about his severed leg.
2. Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert Heinlein
I borrowed this from my dad. I'm bringing it because it reminds me of him and his love of science fiction books.
3. A People's History of the United States, Howard Zinn
Not what you get from the history books in school. A mindful look at the dark side of the white man's conquering of a continent.

Damn, this was hard. I decided to stick with folks that are currently alive. I thought if I go too far in the past it would take too long to get them up to speed on what has happened since their demise. And I figure the island gig would get boring after a while so we would eventually find a way off (when these three disappear someone will come looking) so that's why their aren't any females invited.

1. Samuel Jackson
If I get bored, I'll just ask him to recite some of his more memorable lines. I never tire of his voice. And I can't wait for Snakes on a Plane to be released.

2. Quentin Tarantino.
This guy flushes good ideas down the toilet. And with Samuel, they could stage out new stuff all the time.
I only know him from his blog, but he sounds like a fun, cool guy to have along for an island party. What the heck, right?