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Boogers, spiders, and pee

This morning's conversation with Bryce.

Bryce: Dad, what did you pack in my lunch today?

Me: Oooh, I made a special lunch for you today! Boogers and Spiders!

Bryce: That's gross! I don't eat spiders!


Quinn is three years and one month old now. Kristen and I have been leading him towards losing the diaper and using the toilet for several months now, but Quinn isn't having anything to do with that potty nonsense. We don't want to push it, and try to get him to sit on the training toilet at least once a week day, but the little guy acts like we are putting him on a ring of fire whenever we sit him on the potty seat.

This morning, I got him out of bed, took off his pajamas, and when I took his diaper off, he was TOTALLY DRY. Hmm, one of the signs of bladder control, I thought to myself, and he must really need to go. I took him to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet. He countered with wails of protest and streaming tears of insufferable agony. Despite my aptitude for being able to turn these situations around by making an impromptu game out of it, he didn't lighten up and he didn't go. We headed back to the bedroom and on went the underwear (Buzz Lightyear underwear, uber cool big boy Buzz Lightyear underwear) and his clothes with instructions that if he felt like he had to pee, to hold it, and we would go pee in the toilet.

I lifted him off the changing table and headed out of his room to start breakfast. Quinn took two steps, stopped, and as I reached his bedroom door, he yelled "Dad! My pants are wet!"

Thinking, I've got another chance at success this morning, I put clean underwear and pants on him, talked about feeling the urge, holding it, and going in the potty. Quinn assured me he was in full agreement and we headed downstairs. He climbed into his chair at the table and I placed his Cheerios down in front of him. I began to unload the dishwasher and Quinn yelled "Dad, my pants are wet!"

Sigh. I just wish Quinn was as ready as I am to get past the diapers.

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