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In the beginning, Blogger created the Home on the Fringe template, and Kristen and John saw, and it was good. But soon Kristen, fickle blogger that she was, became restless and dissatisfied, and the only one available to endure her wrath was fellow blogger, John. And John saw, and it was bad. Sure, Kristen and John created a new banner, but it did not even link to the home page. And what was that miniscule text in the top left corner? The spoils of Kristen's fruitless attempt at hiding the forced Blog Title in the Blogger Template! She lamented - nay, bellowed, "How do I link the banner back home? How do I change the background color? I don't like the way this looks but I can't figure out how to change it! How? HOW? HOW?!" The angry blogger lashed out at the computer, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

And then Blogger sent its only begotten Chag to save Home on the Fringe from the errors Kristen had caused with all of her amateur tinkering. Kristen said, "let there be a white background." and Chag made it so. John said, "Let there be a photo column." and Chag provided it, that sweet manna from Internet heaven.

And Kristen and John saw everything Chag had made, and behold, it was very good. And Kristen said, "We are not worthy of Chag's great template abundance. How can we repay him?" And John said, "by taking a vacation to visit him. He would LOVE that, I just know it."