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Bathtime Conversation

--Mom, remember when I was zero years old, and I was in your tummy?

--Yes, I remember that.

--How did I get out?

--The doctors took you out.

--How did they take me out?

--Well. Actually. They. Had to. Cut? You out? Of my stomach.



--How did they fix your stomach?

--They just sewed me back up after you came out.

--What do you mean? With string?

--Yeah. Special string called stitches.

--Huh. Was I wearing anything when I was born?

--Nope. We aren't born wearing any clothes, just our skin.

--Oh! I thought I was wearing some clothes with hens on them.

--Hens? Why? Did you see a baby outfit with hens on it in a picture?

--NO! I just imaginated it.