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Hugo clearly needs to take some lessons from GW

For the most part, I stay politically quiet. I don’t feel comfortable participating in political discussions, because I always feel I haven’t done enough detailed research to back up any claims or “feelings” I may have on something. I suspect, though, that I do have an average knowledge of current world events, and that my discomfort with participating in political discussions has more to do with my understanding that my opinions are not typically shared with the majority, and that no matter how compelling I may find my reasons for my beliefs, I will NEVER change someone else’s mind about theirs. (I’m also lazy, and have no intention of unnecessarily expending energy. And that’s how I ultimately view pointless debates: the unnecessary expense of energy.)

With that disclaimer as a backdrop [REPEAT: I AM NOT TRYING TO CONVINCE ANYONE TO AGREE WITH ME HERE] and just for kicks, I do want to address an article I read about Hugo Chávez today. Apparently Chávez has had the bold audacity to spend his country’s extra oil money on “pet projects abroad.” John Negroponte said that Mr. Chávez is "spending considerable sums involving himself in the political and economic life of other countries in Latin America and elsewhere, this despite the very real economic development and social needs of his own country." Hmm, yes. Sounds serious. Because the United States definitely doesn’t condone involving itself in the political and economic lives of other countries!! No we don’t! Iraq? Shut up. Well, okay. We do that. But certainly not at the expense of our own economic development and social needs!! Education? Poverty? Some of the worst infant mortality rates in the world? Shut UP, I said.

What is Mr. Chávez doing with these extra billions, anyway? Well, certainly not anything the Bush administration could appreciate: “In the Bronx this past winter, Citgo, a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, provided heating fuel at a 40 percent discount to some 8,000 low-income residents of 75 apartment buildings.”


Yes, that’s right. Chávez spent a portion of Venezuela’s extensive oil proceeds on providing heat for low-income families IN THE UNITED STATES. But why would he need to do that, since the United States is so responsible about ensuring its own economic security before invading, I mean, aiding other countries? Clearly he’s just trying to show off; he could have used the $2 billion in question on programs in his own country, after all. Oh wait! He did do that ($8 billion last year, $10 billion this year).

"All I can say is thank God for him for being able to help me and some others get some oil," said Geraldine Shields, a homeowner who received 200 gallons of free oil in January and will be able to buy fuel at a 40 percent discount. "It's time somebody started thinking of the little guy."

There's his problem!! THINKING! Hugo, buddy. If you want to be a real leader in world politics, you've got to stop that nonsense. No. Thinking. Allowed. Especially not thinking of the "little guy." Amateur!