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You can call him MC Slim Q.

Recently, while eating dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Quinn stopped his loud demands for chips and queso and a look came over his face - the same look a dog gets when it hears a squirrel rustle or a bird chirp, curious eyes, head cocked to one side, all other muscles perfectly still. The dog analogy is fitting, because Quinn is Super Sense Boy: his olfactory, auditory, and tactile awareness is astounding. A new song over the Mexican restaurant's sound system had caught his attention, despite the fact that none of the rest of us had noticed it because of the restaurant noise drowning it out. He started grinning and bobbing his head, and trying to mimic the words. It sounded something like "ga ta lee ah," only more garbled and toddler-ish than that.

I noticed it sounded a little more gangsta than what the restaurant normally plays, but I figured Quinn just liked the beat and didn't think much else about it. When the song ended, though, Quinn wasn't having any part of that: "I wanna hear ga ta lee ah again! I wanna hear it again! AGAAAIINNN!!" Fortunately, at that moment, the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets were placed in front of him, so his shouts were muffled after that. The boy likes to talk with his mouth full. Don't judge me. I'm working on it.

The next time we went to eat there, I had completely forgotten about this entire experience (and really, every time we go, the only thing I'm really thinking about is how quickly the margaritas will arrive). As soon as we sat down, with the stereotypical Mexican / South American music playing in the background, Quinn started up again: "Ga tah lee ah! Ga ta lee ah! I wanna hear it!" I was confused: "What? What are you talking about? Ga tah lee... oh wow. That song from last time? With the drums and the really fast yelling?" He smiled, his eyes sparkled: "Yeah! That song!" Hannah said, "I think the words are 'gasolina' - I noticed it last time, too." Right then, our favorite waiter Jorge (re-named "Forhay" by Quinn) walked up. "Gasolina?!" He had a knowing and amused look on his face. I told him Quinn had heard the song last time we were in and really liked it. He left the table. Soon, the traditional music stopped, and the Latino Rap came back on. Quinn was ecstatic.

I have no idea why Quinn is so obsessed with this, but something tells me Dutch won't be adding it to his kids' music mix anytime soon.

Here's the song. Now, envision a three-year-old trying to sing along. To the really fast parts. Oh. My god. It's hilarious.