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Feverish Nightmares

Oh no. Please tell me this isn't happening. What have I done? I'm on my way to my interview, I've just woken from some unexplained but apparently normal blackout (judging from the fact that no one around me is questioning it), and I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt? And I'm riding in a car with co-workers from my current job? And we're on our way to lunch first? Okay, stay calm. Just get through the lunch, warp time to allow yourself an additional 20 minutes to change clothes in the restaurant bathroom, and then force these co-workers to drop you off at your interview location. No problem. Okay, here we are at the restaurant, and here I go into the bathroom to change clothes. In the mirror I see that I have received some type of "trendy" hair cut and color that makes me look like a Degrassi Jr. High character. WHAT THE BLAZES IS GOING ON HERE?? I change clothes, head back to the table and shriek uncontrollably to my co-workers that we have to leave NOW. They drop me off at the interview building, I stumble in the door, and the male receptionist tells me, "she's not here, hold on. I think we'll have to re-schedule your interview." WHAT?? He disappears. While I'm waiting for him to return, my entire extended family and a whole bunch of other families with kids stream in to the waiting area, and some type of public performance is about to start. My mother-in-law walks up to me and chides, "you need to bow your head during the prayer!" The male receptionist returns and says, "yep, I was right. You'll have to come back next week."

Yesterday I woke up in a cold sweat with stress tears at the outer corners of my eyes. "It's your body's way of dealing with your nerves over the interview," John tells me. But it's so much worse than that. My throat hurts. I feel clammy. My eyes and skin are burning. Oh. Holy. Crap.

I'm getting sick.

I never get sick.

But when I do, it's really, really, REALLY BAD.

Am I going to be hacking and delirious all the way through my five-hour hazerview on Wednesday? Or is my usually hearty immune system reserving all the vitamin C and Airborne I've been chugging in some internal bio-arsenal, so as to release its assault on the evil virus just in time for my interview? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

And someone pass me some echinacea.

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