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Freak Incidents: Is Someone Trying To Tell Me Something?

I promised an update on whether or not my immune system would win the battle against the Rhinovirus. Well, I'm not winning. I'm breathing out of one nostril, coughing, and I have the proverbial frog in my throat, only this frog is having a big phlegm pool party and inviting all his friends to dive in while the mucus is plentiful.

Well, not to worry. I won't be humiliating myself in coughing fits and obnoxiously loud attempts at drainage control as I try to prove how professional even a walking snot factory can be. What? How can this be? Did I cancel the interview? Did they just decide to hire me based on my magnificently impressive resume and glowing recommendations? Did my current job wake up and realize that they should double my salary and give me six months of vacation for my unparalleled quality of work, thus negating my need for a job interview?

Um, no.

Actually, in keeping with the Twilight Zone characteristics this entire job opportunity seems to espouse (and yes, I'm personifying the job opportunity at this point - believe me, after what it's put me through already, it's lucky I don't demonize it instead), a complete freak incident has shut down THE ENTIRE COMPANY. Get this: a water main broke in our downtown area two days before the interview was scheduled. The most damage? The building where this company keeps it's headquarters. Specifically, the basement of the building. Specifically, the area of the basement where all the freaking important servers were housed. So, not only are operations shut down right now, but everyone there is panicking, and I won't be surprised if they actually contact me next week and tell me that the entire hiring process has been "put on hold" once again.

It's what I get for complaining about the potential of having to interview through snot. Oh, snot's a problem for you, eh? How about a MOAT AROUND THE BUILDING?! That'll keep you out. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Damned haunted job opportunities. Now it's the principle of the thing for me - I will have that job. It may take another five years and an epic battle of freak incidents and delays, but have no doubt: IT WILL BE MINE.