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(Blog) Post Trauma

My brain is too overwhelmed from the six hours of driving and eight following hours of grocery shopping, unpacking, laundry, cooking, bathing the kids, and for some unknown reason cleaning out old toys from the kids' rooms because obviously that was something that had to be done today of all days--

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that there are still piles of clothes to be folded and a few bags to be unpacked, and I haven't even called any of my parents, who are probably starting to wonder if we finally snapped and drove the car over a bridge during the final leg of our journey today, but also probably think if they call and we HAVEN'T yet snapped, the phone ringing might actually push us over the edge.

Since I'm nowhere close to having time to put any genuine thought into this post but also can't let go of the fact that we WILL make it to the end of November, by God, because we've made it this far through a 12-hour trip in a car with two kids under age 5, insane work schedules, the beginning of our family birthday season and enough other schedule restraints that a daily post commitment through the month of November should have never even entered our minds, here are a few final pictures from our trip. Kentucky is beautiful, peaceful, unique.

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