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Technical Difficulties

I've been trying for two hours to post what WOULD have been a hilarious commentary on the day we've had. Alas, the wireless network we managed to piggy back last night is no more. We tried using my dad's computer, but no go. We finally managed to use his DSL connection, and just as I uploaded the last of 12 - 15 pictures, I hit the wrong button, and Blogger lost my entire draft. I know about the "recover post" button, but did it work? No.

It's too bad, too. You were really up for a Thanksgiving treat. Now, it's too late, I'm about two seconds away from chucking my laptop out the window in frustration, and ER, one of the two television shows I actually watch, is on.

It's taking all of my will power even to post this piece of crap. Damn you, NaBloPoMo. You've taken all my already questionable standards and shot them to hell.

Oh, and uh...Happy Thanksgiving. Bear with us. Once I can upload more than two pictures AN HOUR, you're in for a treat.

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