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I don't have a title, and I'm running out of time to post this on November 17.

John and I had a rough "every other day" posting agreement for the month of November, but here's the thing, people. John thinks he can accomplish super-human feats. He's working on a post that details the ridiculous amount of work he's taken on and committed to completing before we leave for a Thanksgiving trip next week, but in an ironic and horrifying twist of fate, he has so much of that very work piling up around him that he can't even finish the post about it. A few minutes ago I walked into his office (note to self: write a post about the state of John's office) and he was tapping furiously at the keyboard, remnants all around him of the past six weeks of photo edits, wedding album designs, scheduling and re-scheduling bridal sessions to accommodate busy lives and weather changes, and any number of other photographer activities which apparently make one's office look like a disaster zone. He looked up and asked me how to spell a word, and between the carnage of his office and the way his eyes were darting nervously around the room and his hands were slightly twitching, I suggested that MAYBE the blog agreement should be a lower priority than the work that people actually pay him for. And that also pays our mortgage. And will at least indirectly fund the trip next week. The trip you won't hear about until a.) John perfects his ability to stop time for the sole purpose of finishing his post or b.) enough days pass that we're actually posting from the road, the glorious road where there are no paper- and box- and equipment-strewn photography offices burying the resident photographer under their crushing, infinite demands.

And there definitely won't be any "demands" on our trip. And their names definitely aren't Bryce and Quinn, and they never yell or kick the backs of our seats in the car. So, yeah. The trip should feel like a real break.

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