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Knock knock.....

Who's there?


Dwayne who?

Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning.

We are leaving tomorrow on an 800 mile trip across two time zones and 5 states. In a car. With both kids. Three months ago I thought this would be a good idea. Fun! Exciting! See the country! Eat every meal at McDonald's for two days in a row! I have since regained consciousness and realize now what a folly my original idealized vision of this trip is.

In the last four days, I have edited two weddings, two engagement sessions, and two family sessions. If your keeping score that's 5682 pictures I've looked at, decided which ones to keep, edited them from raw to jpg correcting for color, density and sharpness, made slideshows, uploaded to my web sales gallery, burned CD's, and dropped them off at the lab. And I haven't even mentioned the four album designs I squeezed in there somewhere. I am now blind and delirious from staring at the monitor for untold hours and I haven't had a conversation with Kristen other than a "I gotta go work" as she walks in the door or a few mumbles as I wake her when I climb into bed at 2:45 AM.

For trip related preparedness, there are countless loads of laundry to be done; trip plans to make including route selection (the leisurely drive through interesting places with character, or the direct drive let's get there as fast as we possibly can before someone gets hurt), where we are going to stay on Tuesday night (must have wireless internet, be close to the highway, and have a pool); the car needs to be hosed out, the oil changed, and tires rotated; bags packed, beer chilled snacks packed, valium scrip refilled, and activity bags for the kids put together; the mailman and paper carrier need to be notified to hold the delivery; neighbors told we will be gone and to watch out for big vans in the driveway; and I'm sure this is only the big stuff I can remember at this moment.

I feel, at this moment, like I am being crushed. I know once we hit the road the crush will ease, slowly, then release completely as I try to talk Kristen into stopping at ridiculous road stop places along the way. 5000 pop bottles! We HAVE to stop!

You can look forward to plenty of mayhem recap for the next week or so, and maybe a picture or two from our Thanksgiving adventure.

Wish us luck.

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