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letter from a supportive ex-customer

Dear Home Depot Window Contractor,

I have a few tidbits of advice for you. First, as a general rule, when you come to someone's house to give an estimate on new windows, it's probably best not to walk in and say, "why am I here?" because the customer might be someone whose limited work time without kids in the house really shouldn't be wasted explaining your job to you. Second, considering the fact that YOU are the one with the expertise about window types, window prices, window options, and window alternatives, maybe you shouldn't ask the customer what specific type of window he wants to purchase until after you've taken measurements and have some suggestions for him. Otherwise, you will only get blank stares and questions from the customer, which you apparently are loath to answer. This brings me to the third tidbit: VOLUNTEER SOME INFORMATION ALREADY. It's really not professional to make the customer pull information out of you in a conversational tug-of-war, and frankly, it's a little creepy. Fourth - and I am actually still amazed that I have to tell you this - don't refuse to leave a quote because the customer's wife can't rush home from work mid-morning to placate your scheduling needs. The customer is actually capable of this thing called "communication" and he has what is known as "pen and paper," a lovely set of inventions on which he can record the information you provide to him and later pass on to his wife while they make a decision.

You can ignore my advice if you like, but I think you'll find that you'll garner more business if you give the customers information and actually try to SELL THEM SOMETHING.