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...strangely ambivalent about my job interview tomorrow (overthinking will just set me up for failure, right? So I'll just deal with it when I get there...that's a great approach...).

...slothful and bloated from a severe lack of exercise (damn you, cold mornings).

...ecstatic that Bryce, of his own accord, played host to the children of my mom's neighbors at her husband's birthday party tonight (you should have seen his little innocent, hopeful smile when he said, "I have some blocks in the toy room. Do you want to play with them?").

...mildly concerned that Quinn's popularity among a room full of 50 inebriated adults is a frightful sign of what's to come (he was doing the "cool guy fist bump" with one particular guest).

...like cancelling forced Christmas plans and instead, paying lots of money for someone to get me a spinach pizza from Giordano's (500 miles away, literally) in which to drown my stressful sorrows.