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All heard in my house within the past 24 hours

--"Good morning!"
--"No! I'm singing to my brother and I don't want anyone repeating me!"

--"Quinn, give the blanket back to your brother."
--"It's for Bryce's?"
--"Uh, I think you mean, 'it's for Bryce' or 'it's Bryce's.'"
--"Oh. It's for Bryce's??"
--"Whatever. Yes. It's for Bryce's."

--"Mom, next year I want to celebrate Hannukah at Christmas time."
--"We're not Jewish. To celebrate Hannukah, we would have to be Jewish."
--"Well, let's just become Jewish."
--"You can't just become Jewish. First you have to learn and embrace Jewish beliefs."
-- Pause, followed by a flourishing nod: "Well, I'm already doing that! So that means we can celebrate Hannukah next year, then, right?"

--"When I ask you a question about whether you're going to do something, and you respond with all the reasons why I kept you from doing it, I don't see how that's productive."
--"Yeah. Why do I do that? Sorry."
-- Silence.
-- Silence.
--"What are you, twelve? That's your apology?"
-- Laughter.

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