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Last night at 10:30 I was sitting on the couch with my lover on my right and my wife on my left, when the doorbell rang. Since I was in the AD-ADD zone with season two, I didn't immediately acknowledge the doorbell, but seconds later did acknowledge the sharp jab of Kristen's finger in my ribs.

I grudgingly paused the DVD player and went to the front door wondering Who the f*** would dare ring the doorbell at 10:30? Then I remembered that Hannah was out with friends and the dam of Uh Oh Thoughts broke open and flooded my brain with all the worst case scenarios imaginable: She's been hurt. She's been in a car wreck. She's in trouble. She's been arrested. She's .... and opened the door. To find this.

I went outside, looked up the street, then down the street. I heard the sound of car doors slamming and a car starting, saw brake lights and the getaway vehicle speeding off. I stopped to admire their handywork.

This is a picture of just the right side of our yard, the left side was equally adorned. Hannah arrived home a short time later and began cleaning it up with her friends. I'm not sure which part of the evening took me more by surprise: the toilet paper wonderland in my yard or the fact that four teenagers voluntarily - and cheerfully - cleaned it up.

Technical info about the picture above (in case you ever want to capture your own yard when it gets TP'd). I put the camera on a tripod, set it to ISO 200, f 6.7 with a 30 sec shutter speed. I pressed the shutter button, set my flash at 1/16th power and walked around the yard popping my flash at the yard and into the trees.