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AD-ADD, A love affair, and the first potty poop

AD-ADD: I have been officially diagnosed with ADADD. Arrested Development Attention Deficit Disorder. Due to our chaotic fringe schedule, we rarely ever get to watch anything on TV when it is originally broadcast. In fact, we barely have TV at all. We reluctantly subscribe to basic cable (23 channels of crap) only so we can get decent reception of nbc, cbs, abc, & pbs. We do, however, have netflix. Queue up 100 shows/movies/documentaries/independent films and they are delivered to your door 3 at a time. We were able to watch a few episodes of Arrested Development during the first season and thought they were well written and smart. When we saw they were available on DVD - paradise. Every episode, in order, when we want. I love this show. So when I put it on - don't bother calling me, or talking to me because I have AD-ADD. And I'm bummed it might not continue. Any other AD fans out there? If so, what's your favorite AD line?

A Love Affair: It's true. I'm in love. With a sensual lover named Cabernet. Even though my current label has been good to me, and has satisfied me, I am beginning to tire of her same old tricks. I need something new, something a little bolder than "big, ripe, black currant notes intertwined with cedar smoke licorice and earth. Medium-bodied, with ripe fruit as well as fine balance." So, what are your recommendations for a good Cabernet Sauvignon?

Quinn's First Potty Poop: Sooner or later it had to happen. And it did. Last night. We clapped, and cheered, and danced. Sacrificial lambs were slaughtered (ok, not really, but if we lived 2000 years ago, had toilets and lambs, a lamb would have been slaughtered). Diapers cannot end soon enough.