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brain dump

new job mixed feelings lots of reading more than reading reading as much as i did in college no not just college the really hard advanced literature classes with the sadistic professors but i should be happy because at least this job cares about reading and training and education what am i complaining about anyway oh yeah then there's the traffic the everloving traffic how will i handle this every day i was so spoiled with a ten minute drive home for two years and also no more leaving early every friday for me nope none of that now i work for a professional company that cares about professionalism and timeliness and appearance and availability not just the company but specifically my department a very visible department but i like that because it means good opportunities but man oh man am i going to miss leaving early every friday and having those luxurious long weekends sigh i'll feel better in six months when everything isn't crowding into my brain at once and forcing out all other previous knowledge knowledge that was second nature to me knowledge that was fun and easy for me to access such as grammar punctuation sentence structure style and any semblance of giving a crap about what i was writing maybe i should let bryce take over for a while speaking of bryce today when his teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up he told her he wanted to do lots of things but mostly he wanted to be a banana picker

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