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Experiencing a Moment

Right this minute, as I type, I am experiencing a moment. A very unique moment. A happy, peaceful, sipping a good cup coffee at the kitchen table while my two youngest children are engaged in a, get ready for this, co-operative play moment. And they are outside. In the back yard. No yelling, no hitting, no using the little brother as a pinata. The snippets of conversation that I hear are ones that are rarely seen or heard on the Fringe. Soft voices, questions and answers, explanations, co-operation, innocent laughter.

I want to savor this moment - make it last. I want to know what forces of the universe came together to make this happen so I might be able to witness it again - sooner rather than later. This moment is the one I want to recall later in my life when I think back to their childhood, the type of memory that brings an internal smile to your soul, one that erases a hundred fold of not so nice moments.

My coffee cup is almost empty. I know the moment won't last much longer, but I am grateful for its presence.