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Trash the Dress

A local wedding magazine contacted me about submitting some recent wedding pictures for the next issue. "Recent wedding pictures" is code for detail pictures: flowers, cake, table settings, a bride and groom shot, letter cage, bridesmaid dresses. Nothing of substance, thank you very much.

I asked them if they had heard about Trash the Dress. Oh, it's all the rage. Get a bride back in her dress after the wedding and have her roll around in mud, or climb in a dumpster, or put her floating face down in a pool of stagnant water - all in the name of art - and trash the dress. The idea is that unless the dress is going to be sold, it won't get worn again. If the marriage doesn't last, it won't get worn again at the next I Do and the bride's daughter certainly won't wear it at her wedding. I had something a little different in mind, though, from the sessions I have seen. Something a little more fun, a little more high fashion.

They agreed to a two (or three) page spread with a little write up about Trash the Dress. Here they are. Click the picture to see them all.