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Things are getting dusty in here, aren't they? The stagnation of late reflects the disarray in my own tired brain, and also acts as an html-coded representation of numerous little things like the stale snacks from our Thanksgiving trip sitting in a junk heap on top of our refrigerator after a month of not discarding them. What doesn't make sense, what the staleness and stagnation don't reflect is the amount of head-spinning activity our household has experienced lately. How can things be dusty and stagnating when I haven't stopped moving for the past two weeks? Error. Does not compute.

As a few of you have learned the hard way (sorry Mary and Suebob), we've reached a point where the chaos and commitments have swallowed us whole. We're the types of people who'd prefer to survive our kids' childhoods without actually being committed in the worst sense of the word, and so we're working on digging out of some holes. Fringelements was a hole we willingly dug and jumped into, and it was the most fun hole to create, but it's also the first one we're stepping out of - at least for now. We love the work and we plan on continuing some time next year (with some changes), but right now we have to focus on not going certifiably insane over the time commitments we keep biting off like too-huge chunks of dry brownie - tasty choking hazards.

As I've mentioned before, the people who pay me have become quite demanding of my time; posting and reading and general maintenance of this site have become very challenging. I'm pretty adamant about sleeping at night, and so I'll never really "catch up" with where I should be. The blogging community is very fast-paced and here and now, the participation in which sometimes starts to feel like a job in and of itself. I might be a spotty lurker for a while, commenting if I have the ability; I might be a spotty poster for a while, too, posting when I can, hopefully never less frequently than once a week. It's just that these brownie chunks have really sharp, dry, broken edges and I have to focus pretty intently on not choking right now. I'll have to worry about clearing away all these cobwebs a little later.

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