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Scary Reading

The twenty plus minute drive to Bryce's school each morning carries us through a wide slice of life. Both interesting and dull views of residential, retail, commercial, urban, suburban, rail yards, and oil refineries can all be seen on our route. Our drive begins on city streets then changes to major highways, then back on to city streets to our final destination.

As Bryce's reading skills improve (at an unbelievable pace) he is quick to point out words he recognizes and inquires about those he doesn't on the abundance of signage along our trip each day.

Today, as we were cruising along the highway, a big long haul truck pulls along side, slowly going past us in the next lane. Bryce doesn't like it when cars and truck pass us and is quick to tell me I am driving too slow, the truck will beat us, and he will be late for school (the critique of my driving is something he must have picked up from Kristen). As I explain that I can't go any faster than I am, and that we will not be late for school, he asks "What does that spell on the side of the truck?"

I assumed he was referring to the name of the trucking company that was in big letters across the trailer. "Arrow Trucking" I reply.

"NO! That's not what it spells!" I didn't know he was referring to something that was written on the side of the truck's trailer, written by a finger that wiped away the grime and dirt, spelling out a request by the truck's driver to help him ease his loneliness on his cross country journey.

"Someone wrote on the truck, dad. What does it spell?"

Since the writing on the side of the trailer was directly beside Bryce, and my eyes were correctly positioned looking ahead, I asked him to say the letters out loud.

Bryce: "S - H - O - W"

Me: "Show. S H O W spells show." Looming ahead was what can often be a hectic and dangerous three highway interchange where on ramps, off ramps, and lane merging collide in bizarre helter skelter fashion that takes every ounce of concentration to successfully navigate.

Bryce: "T - I - T - S. What does that spell, dad? T makes the te sound. te .. te .. ti .."

Me: "Uh, hold on buddy, let me slow down so I can see the letters."

I quickly slowed down, letting the truck zip past us. Thinking quickly (but not quickly enough to get into the correct lane that would take us in the right direction of the school meaning that letting the truck beat us did cause us to be late for school) "Oh, T - H - I - S, that spells 'this'. Someone wrote 'show this' on the side of the truck. Isn't that funny? Ha-ha. ha. ha. ahem"

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