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Random Friday Photo(s)

Gloves at a wedding!

This is my 39th post since we started this blog, and looking back, just about all of my contributions have been picture related. One would think I would have more to say about our fringe life since I stay at home with our kids, get them dressed every day, make their breakfast and lunch every day, take one (or both) to school then pick them up every day, and all the other exciting things that go along with being the (just barely) primary care giver. And I do.

But the thing is, I'm not wordy. The paragraph above took me 10 minutes to write. Now Kristen, she IS wordy. It's easier to relate to her a story and let her word it up. She's good at it, not only because she is just that way, but because she's trained for it. And compared to her, my words suck.

I'll keep posting, and even throw in a few words here and there, but don't make fun, OK?