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Safety Patrol: Shoe Tie Rules

As you can see from these images, my brother is a tortured soul who shares his pain and worldly misery with hordes of other tortured souls fans in obscure brick warehouses turned 24-hour diners. When he's not using his existential angst to create screaming commentary on political, philosophical, social, and emotional horrors, he's brainstorming with his associates on the best ways to reach our children.

I received the following e-mail from him today:

Hey, check out this MP3 I sent you. It's a recording project my friend Aaron and I did a few years ago called 'Safety Patrol.' It was our absurdist children's band. We only did this one song, but I wanna do more. This one's called The Shoe Tie Rules, which is pretty self-explanatory (until you hear the song, that is). Our next one is gonna be called Never Take Candy from A Stranger while Not Looking Both Ways before Crossing the Street. Anyhow, I figure at least Bryce is old enough to hear this now. Old enough to HAVE HIS MIND BLOWN!

As well as I know my brother, I was still intrigued and had no idea what to expect. And then I listened to the song and had to suffer through the incredible pain of fizzy diet coke carbonation burning the inside of my nostrils as my laughter and swallowing functions fought for top priority.

Do you want to experience this same joy? When was the last time you listened to the one and only creation of an absurdist children's band? HUH? Click here for the song, and prepare to HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN!