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Some New Twists

Yesterday I was talking to John on the phone while he was in the car with Quinn, and he started using his long-winded, random vocabulary style of talking that we have to use to keep the kids from knowing we’re referring to them (mainly with Quinn, because Bryce is old enough that he always figures it out anyway).

John: So have you ever noticed how…Child Number Two…manages to, without your knowledge, acquire items from the white box-like appliance in the room where we prepare our meals?

Me: What? He goes to the dishwasher?

John: No, the bigger white appliance.

Me: The refrigerator? He’s getting into the refrigerator when you’re not around?!

John: Yes, and I’m trying to modulate my voice so as not to bring further attention to this re-telling.

Turns out Quinn opens the refrigerator door, stands on the bottom shelf, and rummages around until he finds whatever delectable treat seems like a good snack at 10:00 a.m. Yesterday, John walked through the living room and noticed Quinn suspiciously positioned on his side in our chair with the flap-style cushions, the upper flap strangely bowing out. It was a Tupperware dish of cold macaroni and cheese. The kid sneaks macaroni and cheese. Cold, out of the refrigerator. And snacks on it. While hiding it from us.

Whatever. At least it keeps him quiet for more than 15 seconds.

Last night as I was drying Bryce off after his bath, he said, “Mom, I’ll give you ten dollars if you make it Christmas time.”

“I can’t make time go faster, Bryce.”

“Yes you can! Just go to the computer, click three buttons and tell it to abdivate to Christmas, and you’ll be done!”

Wow. I never knew the internet was so very powerful. I can simply abdivate to Christmas. What else can I do? Can I abdivate world peace?
Speaking of world peace, I’m having a lively discussion with someone over at Freezio’s place about U.S. foreign policy. It’s made me think that I should stop dominating Freezio’s comment box and use my own space to state my opinions or thoughts. I’m struggling with whether or not I want to do that; as I’ve said before, I (usually) tend to shy away from political debate because I don’t feel that I take enough time to be as educated as I should be on all the issues. I don’t want to put myself in a position where I can’t address a claim or answer a question because I don’t have reams of political history at my finger tips. I’m still considering how and if I’m going to address this here. I know I have a lot to say; I’m just not sure I have the energy for an argument over it, especially not from someone like Arwen’s new best friend, who repeatedly combs through her archives to find more to criticize about past posts, political or not.
If I do this, the issues I address will be broad and will expose me for the non-conforming pacifist I am. That whole pacifist part of the phrase non-conforming pacifist means, people, that I don't want to be attacked on my own website; I won't be attacking anyone and would appreciate the same respect. I'm all for discussion, challenge, debate, and supporting one's claims. I'm not for name-calling, assumptions, or stereotyping based on one paragraph read on a blog or in a comment box. Now that I think about it, if I do this, I may include this disclaimer at the top as a reminder each time. Because I'm an anal commie tree-hugger that way. Oops!

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