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Random Friday Photo(s) - A Collection of Feet

Ok, it's true. Whenever I put a camera to my face I always try to photograph feet. Weddings, families, babies, street shots, whatever. I always go for the feet.

A fetish, you ask? No, I think not. Come on, who can resist baby feet?

And who wouldn't want one of these? I know I would.

Remember how it felt to feel the warm pavement on your feet as a kid?

Flippy flops, flippy flops, we all love flippy flops.

Ya gotta respect a gal that wears converse.

I was impressed. He brought his own shoe shine kit.

Someday I plan on having a show. One room, or wall, or area, will be comprised of my favorite feet/shoe shots I've collected over the years. I think feet, and the footwear over them, give great insight into who we are, want to be, or project to be.