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I left my heart in San Francisco (and other love songs)

Kristen is bailing out leaving for San Francisco tomorrow. San Francisco! For FOUR days with a company credit card! I should be so lucky.

Since I handle the kids from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM five and one half days a week (I'm on halfday, sometimes quarterday, duty on Saturdays so Kristen can sleep in before I go to my wedding - I know, I'm a prince - but she gives me Sunday mornings so we each get at least one morning to snooze) it's really not that big of a deal. Except. Man oh man, do I look forward to a little relief when she gets home. I'm going to have to change things up a little to be able to survive. I think the crockpot and pizza delivery guy will be my best friends for the next four nights.

Have you seen Cynical Dad's top 100 album list? He's asking for guesses on his #1 pick. I took a shot and my guess wasn't even on his list. I've been wondering about how I could expand my music range and with his list I didn't have to wonder any more. I've been downloading all the "never before heard of's," the "oh yeah, I remember them's," and even a couple of "that trash made the list?". I thought about compliling a top 100 list for about three seconds, then realized a.) I would obsess, rank, and rerank my rank collection and never get it done and b.)my top 100 would bore you to death.

I love technology, especially when it works. Today I got a nifty little inexpensive device that just solved a major (for me) obstacle. I have 3,948 songs on my pc. A lot to many, a paltry few to others. To me, it's just about easily listening to what I want when I'm working. But I wanted a way to be able to listen to albums, playlists, internet radio, and audio streams from my pc (upstairs) through my home stereo (downstairs). The answer, my friends, is the $25 Lyra RD900W. Plug in the transmitter to an available usb port on your pc, then plug in the receiver to the aux input on your stereo. Skip the software installation if you're happy with your current media player. Works like a charm!