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So Far*

We all survived the first six-hour leg of our trip. We have another three hours to go today, which would sound encouraging and like a relief compared to yesterday's journey if you didn't know our kids well enough to know that their ability to wear us down increases exponentially with each passing hour in a new situation. Now that the novelty of the driving and the new place has worn off, they've moved on to torturing the poor fools in my family who are trying to sleep on the hide-a-beds in the living areas by doing things like SNEAKING UNDER THEIR BEDS WHILE THEY SLEEP and having blanket-whipping races through the house while they "whisper" louder than most adults can scream.

Yeah. My family hates us now. And we haven't even made it to my 80-year-old grandmother's house yet.

*My aunt and uncle don't mind us pirating their wireless connection. We'll see if we have connectivity at our next stop. Or actually, if we'll be banned from entering the small peaceful town when word spreads about the three-foot-tall terrorists we're harboring in our Honda Pilot.