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In the end, no storm.

I'm crouched by a window holding on to Bryce, in a situation where I think I should be afraid, but am really only curious and slightly confused, like a primitive animal. As I look out the window, I realize we're upstairs, and there is a storm outside - a tornado. My mom is right next to me and says with less panic than I'd expect, "the storm is right over us, we're right in it! See?!" She points out the window to a helicopter, and Bryce and I both turn to look. We see the pilot mouthing the same sentence my mom just uttered, and we see a black swirling mass presumably around the house. I think of the scene in the movie Twister where the main characters end up in the eye of the storm, and I realize that's right where we are. Then I realize (again) that we are upstairs (the worst place to be in a tornado), and my mind and heart start racing, why are we upstairs, why did I not get us to our shelter, how long do we have, why is this not more terrifying? I wait for the tell-tale sound of the freight train, what I've been told I'll hear if I'm ever caught in a tornado, I hold on to Bryce, who I note is strangely, quietly calm and curious, I wonder how likely it is that we'll be swept up by the black swirl that I can see right outside the window, if we'll be torn apart in the process, if all of this will be the end. I wait, and I worry, but only mildly, the way Bryce is watching the spiraling mass.

Updated to add: The above is my description of a dream I had two nights ago (sorry if we alarmed anyone). I just thought the dream was very telling about how I view the many challenges with Bryce. As the title suggests, the dream ended with my realization that the storm never hit, despite all the signs that it would, despite all the knowledge that I should be more worried and afraid because of those signs. It's the ultimate truth, isn't it? That in the end, it's all okay.

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