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Lest You Forget His Neuroses

Last night at dinner, we made the amateur mistake of trying to place leftovers on Bryce's plate. OH MY GOD, HOW DARE WE???!! The offensive leftovers in this case were butter-flavored noodles made 24 hours before, and then sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

New information for normal food-eaters and unknowing parents everywhere: Re-heated butter-flavored noodles after 24 hours in the refrigerator do not, I repeat, DO NOT! have the same consistency as those very same noodles fresh out of the pot.

For normal food-eaters, this consistency change really doesn't matter. For Bryce, who must eat one single noodle off the end of his fork at a time, leftover noodles are the Spawn of Satan. As the sticky noodles refused to separate to allow him to eat in his normal, psychotic way, he broke down like an addict in a detox clinic, demanding that we fix these MONSTROSITIES on his plate. "I want noodles that look like this!"

Oh, the humanity!!