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Tuesdays are piano lesson nights, and as much as I appreciate the hour of shooting the breeze with a few parents of Bryce's classmates, the return to the music teacher's house and the subsequent 10-15 minutes of hissing at Bryce to stop writhing on the floor while I try to listen to the piano teacher's varying methods of politely reminding us that the kids are supposed to practice, and hahaha, they're still pretty rowdy, these little quirky kids! really sucks every last drop of energy from my crazy little introverted self. By the time I get home with Bryce on Tuesday nights, he's asking for food and yawning, and I'm stumbling around trying to change out of my work clothes (no time before music class, yippeee!), finding him an appropriate snack (not a pop-tart), and trying to fight my guilt and make up for the evening I missed with Quinn (read: yanking his unnaturally strong pre-school arms from around my thigh every two minutes), all at the same time.

Usually by the time the kids are in bed, after Quinn has inevitably remembered that he Has To Tell Me Something, Uummm at least four times, my head is pounding and my eyes are glazed over, and even though I really want to do a better job of writing here on a regular basis, I just can't bring myself to do it. I mean, sometimes I even (pathetically) stare at the blank screen and try to force words to appear there through sheer willpower, but of course nothing ever shows up and I end up slamming the laptop closed in disgust with my stupid lack of magical powers.

Tonight, just before I shook my fist at the universe (with not much passion, given my near comatose state after the nighttime piano lesson energy-sucking session), John walked in with the wine and the Thai food (recent commitment to spend less money be damned!), looked at the (blank) screen and said, mischieviously, "did you see my pictures? Did you check the blog?"

I'll admit it, I was concerned. If you haven't all been transfixed and/or confused by the left column before now, then let your eyes wander over there and take a look-see. For months, he's threatened to post his urinal collection but I've managed to distract him with shiny things until now. He used my Tuesday night weakness against me. Traitor.

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