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Random Friday Photo(s) - The Dresser Mansion

I am shooting a wedding at the Dresser Mansion this weekend and wanted to drive by to make sure I knew the exact location. I took a few pictures of the outside. After getting home, I did a little research on the building.

The Dressers had buckets and buckets of cash. And Mrs. Dresser was kind of a social snob. One day while Mr. Dresser was earning another bucket of cash, Mrs. Dresser hires an architect (the same guy that designed the original Waldorf Astoria in NYC) to create the ultimate party house. Then she books a trip to Europe to gather furniture, rugs, paintings, and accessories for her new abode. Being the henpecked go-along guy he was, Mr. Dresser goes along with the plan. Construction on the house started in 1919.

While in Europe, they talk King George V. into allowing them to use the trees in his private forest for the woodwork (I wonder how many buckets of cash it took to bribe their way into seeing the King). The trees are cut down, and finished by Italian craftsmen (I have this picture in my head of Gepeto stealing one of the trees to carve Pinocchio).

When the Dressers arrive back home a year later, they move all their stuff in and throw a wild ass party to show off their new house. She was the talk of the town until they went bust over a bad business deal and the economy tanked. I can't find any information on what happened to the Dressers after that, but somehow the house survived and is currently owned and being cared for by a local guy who rents it out for weddings and parties.

I'm looking forward to seeing the inside. Here are some of the outside shots.