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If you meme yourself, does that make it a mememe?

I am constantly asking Kristen about the dreaded Meme. How is it pronounced? What does the word mean? Is it a verb or a noun? Whenever I bring it up she does her famous one eye roll, sighs as if to say "Not again" and demands to know what the hell my infatuation with a meme is? Since I can't get any answers from her, I went searching and found this on Wikipedia.

....one can roughly define 'meme' as any piece of information transferable from one mind to another. Examples might include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods. Different definitions of meme generally agree, very roughly, that a meme consists of some sort of a self-propagating unit of cultural evolution....(bold added for emphasis)

This leads me to conclude that no matter how much we hope we are not tagged with yet another freaking meme, how we hope to avoid them at all costs, they are not going away. And not only are they here to stay, but as a direct result of memes we are in the midst of a cultural evolution. Oh, and meme rhymes wih gene, and actually is a derivative study based on genetics.


This is completely unrelated but it sure made my morning. I love stories like this.