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If that's not a postmodern expression of injustice, I don't know what is.

The other night in the game room, in lieu of playing another smashing round of "Hangman" on the kids' chalkboard, we played "guess the picture" which is exactly what it sounds like - no more, no less. In the spirit of Calvinball, none of us defined any rules or guidelines, but a pattern of each person drawing two mystery pictures at a time emerged organically. After one round of this pattern, Bryce wanted to play again. I was out of ideas after my masterpieces of "castle" and "crown", so I gave my second turn to John, who drew his final pictures just before we both announced it was time for teeth-brushing and face-washing before bed. Bryce objected, saying it wasn't fair, John had had three turns, so he needed three turns. John opted for a sly approach and threw in a previously unspoken "guess the picture" rule, saying he and Quinn had taken four turns total, and mom and dad had taken four turns total, so the "teams" were even. Bryce continued to wail and we continued to herd Quinn into the bathroom for bedtime rituals. Bryce's rage had to be expressed, so he growled and ran back to the chalkboard and angrily scrawled this in his choppy second-grade cursive (parenthetical, correct spelling, and all):

dad had three turns
mom, 1 bryce, 2
quinn, 2
(no teams)

I read his message and gave him a high five. That kid's going places, I tell you.