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One Down

The first of two surgeries involving my head/face for 2007 is done. Today I learned that my sinus structure is "unsual" - rather than one large opening on each side, I had several small ones - all of which just cements my status as a freak of nature. Well, actually, John learned this from the ENT who performed the surgery, because I was in the recovery room groggily but persistently asking the poor guy assigned to me a series of probably annoying questions - how long did the surgery take? how many patients do you go through in a day? am I swollen? why did the surgery take longer than the 40 minutes I was quoted? so, do they just basically shove instruments up the nostrils and suck everything out? - oh yeah, he loved me.

I am considering removing some of the medical community from my blacklist. Everyone I dealt with today was competent, communicative, patient, and accomodating. The ENT especially has restored my confidence that there are good doctors out there if you're lucky enough to find them. Of course, he's still on the hook to remove a walnut-sized tumor from my neck/jaw later this year - and that surgery is legitimately more extreme, involved, and risky - so the pressure is on now, doc.

Now I get to spend three days at home checking work e-mail at my leisure and spraying saline up my recently excavated head. I feel okay other than some grogginess left over from the general anesthesia. By the way, WOW. One minute I'm answering questions strategically posed by what felt like three dozen people in scrubs standing over my head - My kids are 5 1/2 and 4, they're out of school for the summer, we just moved into a new house - and the next minute I hear voices yelling my name and telling me I'm in the recovery room. What is UP with that? Time doesn't pass when you're under general anesthesia? For all I know, there was no surgery - they just knocked me unconscious, rolled me into a new room, and woke me up. Hmm, maybe that's why I'm not in pain. Perhaps I should re-think my blacklist revisions.