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Typical Conversation with our Atypical Four-Year-Old

Bryce is our first son, John's third child. Just to introduce the exertion it takes to get through a day interacting with him, here is the conversation that took place after he came home from school today.

Me: Do you want a snack?

Bryce: I want some water.

Me: You've been sick, and you haven't eaten very much today, why don't you have a snack so you'll feel a little better?

Bryce: Okay, I want a snack.

John: Do you want an apple?

Bryce: No.

John: Do you want some juice?

Bryce: No.

John: Do you want -

Kristen: Uh, no, dad... Bryce, listen. We're not your short-order cooks. You will get two choices, and if you don't want either option, then you just won't have a snack. Okay?

Bryce: Okay.

John: So, do you want juice or do you want an apple?

Bryce: Water.

Right. Right.

You're in control, we just briefly forgot, stupid mortals that we are.